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TCC Sample Issues

Sample Issues

We have a few sample issues of The Check Collector posted here for you to look at. Illustrations are in color.

You will find a variety of articles, representative of the usual offerings. If they are of interest to you, you should join the Society.

There are two types of ASCC Membership:  Regular Membership and E-Membership. Regular Members receive their newsletters by mail, wherein the illustrations are in greyscale. E-Members receive their newsletters here on the website (in the Reading Room), wherein the illustrations are in color. Regular Members may also access the color-illustrated versions in the Reading Room.

If you would like to look at a wider sampling, there is a Cumulative Index of articles found on the preceeding page, The Check Collector.

Pull up a chair and take a look.

Right-clicking on the Icons will give you a menu of choices: Open in this window, Open in a new window, Save as, and Print.

TCC #84

TCC #84, 2007, Oct. - Dec. (4th Quarter)

Download tcc84.pdf

TCC #83

TCC #83, 2007, Jul. - Sep. (3rd Quarter)

Download tcc83.pdf

TCC #82

TCC #82, 2007, Apr. - Jun. (2nd Quarter)

Download tcc82.pdf