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The Check Collector

The Check Collector

The Check Collector is the principal publication of The American Society of Check Collectors. It has been published quarterly since 1986! It began with typed proof copies of pages being photographed. Then printing plates made. The quality of the illustrations in the early issues was not wonderful. We've come a long way. Now the page formatting is done by computer, and the illustrations are high quality scanned images.

The articles in TCC cover a wide variety of topics relating to the hobby of check collecting, and they are written by both members and non-members and submitted for publication. Collectively, this body of newsletters is a very valuable resource to support research efforts and the education of our members.

As a member you are entitled to receive a copy of TCC mailed to you. Mailed copies are printed in black and white only. However, we recently began creating an electronic version with color illustrations and are now making these versions available to members via this website from the Members Only page.

Submitting Articles for The Check Collector

The continued publishing of quality articles in The Check Collector is dependent upon members and non-members to submit articles and images for publishing consideration.

It is the current intention to publish TCC with color images for the website with greyscale images for the printed version.

The publishing schedule for The Check Collector is as follows:

Deadline Jan to Mar Issue Apr to Jun Issue Jul to Sep Issue Oct to Dec Issue
Submit Articles Feb 15 May 15 Aug 15 Nov 15
Finalize Issue Mar 1 Jun 1 Sep 1 Dec 1
Post Issue on Website Mar 15 Jun 15 Sep 15 Dec 15
Mail Issue On or Before Mar 31 Jun 30 Sep 30 Dec 31

Email the Editor

Images of checks and other documents should be submitted as 300dpi scans in color against a black background. The Editor can easily convert the images to greyscale for use in the printed version of TCC. Images should be zipped, if possible, and the zip file emailed to the Editor. The Editor can straighten images if necessary to obtain the desired horizontal/vertical alignment.

If images cannot be scanned, and are submitted as photocopies of the material, those should be in color on a black background if at all possible... the higher quality the better. Please insure there are no folds across the images. The Editor can easily scan the photocopies and then convert the images to greyscale for use in the printed version of TCC. If the images cannot be in color, either as scanned images or as photocopies, they will not appear in color in the website version of TCC.

TCC issues published on this website will use the color images and issues printed on paper and mailed will use the black & white images. The image names should include a number that indicates the sequence the images appear in the article.

TCC Cumulative Index

The file posted below is an Adobe® Acrobat® file and requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view, print or download. It is searchable using the search capability in Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.

TCC Cumulative Index

To view, print or save a copy of the Cumulative Index through December, 2007
- Issue #84, right-click here

Download ascc_cumulative_index_84.pdf