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ASCC Membership

ASCC Membership

We now offer two options in ASCC Membership, Regular Membership, and E-Membership.

All Memberships in The American Society of Check Collectors provide you with the following benefits:

  • You will be associated with many other collectors of checks and other financial documents.
  • You will receive our quarterly publication, The Check Collector (TCC).
  • You will have access to the Members Only portion of this website where we post TCC issues with color illustrations.
  • You will be encouraged to write and submit articles for publication in The Check Collector. Articles are also accepted from non-members if they are worthwhile and there is publication space available.
  • You will be able and encouraged to collaborate with other members on research projects.
  • You will have voting priviledges in choosing Officers and all other matters referred to the membership.

So, what's the difference? Regular Membership has all the entitlements listed above, and Regular Members receive their Newsletters by US Mail, while E-Membership Newsletters are accessed only on the website. While the printed Newsletters delivered by mail have black-and-white illustrations (color is too expensive), the web version does have color illustrations. When you access the Newsletter on-line, you can read it on your screen, or, if you wish, you may also print it out.

There are a few Newsetters posted where everyone can see them, but the more current issues are kept in our Members-Only area, which is password-protected. Each quarter, when the latest Newsletter is posted to the website, we will email everyone a new password for access to the Newsletter page.

If you have any questions about Regular Membership, please e-Mail: Lyman Hensley

If you have questions about E-Membership, please e-Mail: Dick Naven

Annual Dues (Calendar Year)

New memberships and Renewals, too.

Regular Membership Choices



US address,
via Periodicals Mail
US$15   Anywhere on Earth,
via the Web
US address,
via First Class Mail
Canada, Mexico US$20      
All other Countries US$25      

You may choose multiple-year memberships; see the choices in the button options below.

Applications and Payments

If applying by mail, please print out the Application Form (link below), and send your payment in US$ to the Secretary, Lyman Hensley, at the address on Application Form.

If applying on-line (either Regular Membership, OR, E-Membership), please use one of the buttons below. We use PayPal for our transactions, so you may pay using  your PayPal account, or with any major credit card. 

If you are already a Member of the ASCC,
you can renew your membership here, too.

Whichever type of Membership you apply for, be sure to give us the correct Email address for notices and new passwords. We haven't yet decided whether to change the password annually, or quarterly.

Regular Memberships & Renewals

E-Membership & Renewals

US address, via Periodicals Mail
Your collecting specialties?

Your collecting specialties?

US address, via First Class Mail
Your collecting specialties?


Canada or Mexico
Your collecting specialties?


All other Countries
Your collecting specialties?


Effective December 1, 2010

US Funds ONLY (PayPal converts automatically)

ASCC By-Laws

The Membership Application asks for your agreement to comply with the ASCC By-Laws. If you wish to read the ASCC By-Laws, right-click on this icon:

Download ascc_bylaws.pdf

ASCC Membership Application

To print or save a copy of our Membership Application, right-click on this icon:

Download ascc_membership_application.pdf