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Donations to the ASCC

Donations to the ASCC


The ASCC is an educational non-profit Delaware Corporation operating under IRS Section 501 (c) 3. As such, any donations made to the Society are tax-deductible. Of course we would accept money, but perhaps even more to the point, we do accept donations of collectible fiscal paper. Acceptable items include checks, drafts and other check-like instruments, stocks and bonds, any item with a revenue stamp, either embossed, imprinted, or affixed (adhesive).  Reference books on collectible fiscal paper, security printing, banking history and related subjects are also acceptable.

Common items in larger quantities usually are sent to the Check Pool, a repository of items used for give-aways to new members and at shows and expositions. Items of significant value will be auctioned off, on eBay or otherwise, and the proceeds sent to the Society's treasury. Such donations do help to defray Society expenses. If you donate reference books, they may go to the Library, with duplicates being auctioned off.

Regardless of whether the donation benefits the Society monetarily, any donation of such material is sent back into the collecting fraternity, staying out of the landfills, and becoming available to the next generation of check collectors. Everyone can have a part in this kind of stewardship.

Please let us know if you have something to pass along.

You can email the Secretary, Lyman Hensley .

Some of our members regularly add a small donation to their dues renewal payment. We haven't figured out how to incorporate that with the online memberships or renewals, so we will offer it here on this page. For those who are so inclined, you may use the Donate button below, which allows you to choose the amount of your donation. Thanks in advance for your support; it does make a difference.