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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. Where can I find checks to collect?
A. Depending upon the type of checks you collect, you may find them at garage sales, estate sales, stamp or paper shows, on eBay®, or from stamp or paper dealers. We list links to dealers that advertise in The Check Collector on the Web Resources page.

Q. Does the ASCC have any tips on how to search eBay® to locate checks and other financial documents?
A. eBay®, of course, has its own tutorial on searching techniques, and you should certainly read that first, but we DO have some search tips. To view them, Click Here.

Q. If I have a check with ragged or damaged edges, should I trim the edges to improve the appearance?
A. No, you should NEVER trim a check. If you repair an edge or tear, be sure to use archival quality Document Repair Tape. NEVER use non-archival scotch tape.

Q. Should I collect cut squares of revenue imprints on checks? And should I cut imprints from entire checks for such a collection?
A. If you locate a cut square item and it is of interest, by all means collect it. However, NEVER cut an entire check or other document to extract a cut square.

Q. How can I contact other ASCC member to sell, purchase or trade checks and other documents?
A. As an ASCC member, you may submit a short notice to buy or trade for publication in the Member Exchange listing in The Check Collector, at no cost. If you wish to publish a small advertisement for selling, rates are as low as $15 per issue of The Check Collector.

Q. What reference materials are available for check collecting?
A. The ASCC has a library of reference material, and the contents are listed on the Library Resources page. The Library Resources page is available to ASCC Members only, and is accessed through the Reading Room, which is password-protected. In addition, many of these publications are available for purchase from various dealers. You may use Google® to locate them. We are working to make our entire website a good resource for collectors of various levels.

Q. Does the ASCC hold meetings for its members or have local chapters that hold regular meeting for members?
A. ASCC meetings may be held at major paper money shows. Check their programs to see whether one is - or offer to hold one - contact an ASCC officer for information if interested. The ASCC does not have local chapters, but don't let that stop you from organizing informal check collecting meetings in your area. If you do, let us know and encourage other members of your group to join the ASCC.