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RN-C5 Gallery

Images for RN-C5 List



Central Georgia Bank, Macon, GA. Central City Purchase & Loan Association

James M. Adsit, Banker, Chicago, IL

Louisville City National Bank, Louisville, KY

The First National Bank, Adams, MA, Kingman & Holmes

Broadway Savings Bank, St. Louis, MO, Bargen & Boeckhoff

Grocers Bank, New York, NY, William G. Schenck

Merchants National Bank, New York, NY, Samuel D. Davis

Mutual Bank, New York, NY

Ocean National Bank, New York, NY, Meyers & Alley

Merchants National Bank, Richmond, VA

Merchants National Bank, Richmond, VA


Aetna National Bank, Hartford, CT, (drawn on) (pasteover) Importers & Traders NB, New York, NY

Third National Bank of St. Louis, MO, (drawn on) Sam Smith, New Orleans, LA

Office of J. Shriber, Cleveland, OH, (drawn on) Johnson & Brother, Erie, PA

First National Bank, Mercer, PA, (drawn on) The Tradesmen's National Bank, Pittsburgh, PA

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