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RN-C16 Gallery

Images of Known RN-C16's



Salt Co. of Onondaga, Chicago, IL

Sibley & Endicott, Chicago, IL

Stump & Walts, Louisville, KY

Geo. W. Chipman & Co., Boston, MA

Sheldon & Co., for Archimedean Axle Works, Auburn, NY

Seeley & Stevens, for Averill Chemical Paint Company, New York, NY

Clark Thread Company, New York, NY

N. B. Falconer & Co., New York, NY

Livingston Steam Sugar Refinery, New York, NY

H. K. Thurber & Co., New York, NY

Israel D. Condit & Son, New York, NY

Neal, Baum & Co., Syracuse, NY

Smith & Curtiss, Cleveland, OH

Office of Luce, Chapin & Blass, Toledo, OH

Joseph Horne & Co., Pittsburgh, PA

Craighead, Breast & Gibson, Nashville, TN

Morgan, O'Bryan & Co., Nashville, TN

Clarence Shepard & Co., Milwukee, WI

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