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The Other Gast Sample Checks

The Other Gast Sample Checks


The following sample checks are those listed in the previous article but not shown at the time it was printed.


A plain check from Mobile, Alabama.


A sample from Visalia, California. Most of these samples were cut badly, as if Gast printed them in large sheets and had them cut hurriedly.


A sample on the Exchange Bank of Macon, Georgia.


An elaborate draft, also from Macon, Georgia.


The first of two sample instruments printed on Illinois banks. This check is from Alton, just across the river from Saint Louis.


A draft from a Nokomis, Illinois bank, drawn on one in New York.


One of the three Missouri items included in the group of samples. A simple check from Kansas City.


An attractive draft from a North Carolina bank to a New York Bank.


Finally, a bill of exchange (but probably not issued in duplicate) from an Austin, Texas bank, again to a New York institution.

These, plus those in the article, are all of the specimens with Gast facsimiles which accompanied their July 1, 1883 solicitation letter when I bought it. There may have been others included. Does anyone know of any others?

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