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List of Known RN-L4's

List of Known RN-L4's


Northampton, MA First National Bank   D&S used
Birmingham, NJ Mount Holly National Bank, Pemberton Marl Co.   WFM used
Plattsburg, NY First National Bank G D&S used
Tarrytown, NY First National Bank G D&S unused
Erie, PA Marine National Bank, Erie & Western Trans. Co. part red tint   unused
Gettysburg, PA First National Bank brown tint WFM used
Oxford, PA Oxford Banking Co., Henry Cope Gold, Black WFM used
Philadelphia, PA Third National Bank   WmM unused
Pawtucket, RI Slater National Bank, Fourth National Bank, NY tan tint MSC used
Pawtucket, RI Slater national Bank, National Bank of Redemption, Boston tan tint MSC unused

Note: Printer colors listed are of type and/or vignette when capitalized, and of paper when in lower case.

We have images in the Gallery for the items in Blue above.

Printer abbreviations are taken from the Security Printers Guide, available from the ASCC.

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